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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 12, 2016

This episode picks up midstream at Metazoa Brewing Company after local musician, singer/songwriter, Robert Rolfe Feddersen, finished his last set and joined us for some more cold brews and hilarious, tipsy conversation. 
Metazoa's own Haley Fennel was still hanging strong from our first show and still filling our bellies with delicious Metazoa brews.  Robert's beautiful wife, Terri Piet Feddersen, also jumped on a mic to round out this fun evening with new friends. 
A high brew fueled conversation went in a number of different directions in this one from vinyl records, Cream, social media, the return of Dougy's glorious beard, and Pat's odd ability to hear audio warmth(which may have been the beer talking). 
Some shout outs to DigIn~A Taste of Indiana, Beards Brewery, and Public House Cinema.  (And our apologies to PHC for being so loud during the outdoor movie.  The stupid sun went down a little too early.)
Robert is more than just a talented musician, he is a gentleman with a big heart and a true lover and promoter of craft beer and music.   All music in this episode is of course provided by none other than Mr. Robert Feddersen. 
Check out tonight's special episode and be sure to jump over to Robert's music page to find out where he'll be playing next.  We promise there will be craft beer!