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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 7, 2016

It's comedy night once again on Blind Pig Friday Confessions at Alley's Alehouse. Seemed like the perfect night to air this episode since not only is Doug Stanhope mentioned, he is also performing tonight at Morty's. We are joined by comedians Mr. Rick Garrett and the pleasantly plump, Jeremy Brown, for an evening of debauchery. This is the 2nd installment of this episode, so as you will quickly hear... we were quite ripe when this one begins. We can't apologize enough to Rick's sweet wife, Holly Garrett for making it through the whole evening with us jackasses. She does however provide a sound clip that will go down in the Blind Pig History books as one of best. We somehow fit in a review of Evil Czech's Vanilla Rye Porter between the shenanigans. We get some stand-up comedy horror stories, Rick tells us how John Denver blocked his chances of entering the priesthood, Jeremy describes the "art" of comedy, and Cowboy brings the entire group to complete silence. This is one that can't be missed. (Ok, none of them should) Too much to go over on this one. You'll have to tune in and take it all in. (No pun intended) Some comedy favorites mentioned such as Michael Malone (also in town performing tonight at Morty's), of course Doug Stanhope, the brilliant D Jay Dangler and Junior Stopka. Beware, this one may contain a fair amount of sailor language. Oh.... and Dane Cook sucks! Cheers!