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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jun 30, 2017

The Pigs were honored to cover Indy In-Tune’s fifth annual Spring Radiothon, this year in support of Joy's House and the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indiana with a goal of bringing music to those living with Alzheimer's.  
It was a perfect day whether you wanted to chill to the acoustic acts outside on the patio or get down with the electric acts on stage inside Alley’s Alehouse. 
A big thanks to Mr. Darrin Snider of Indy In-Tune for inviting us to cover this beertastic, all day, live music event.  
Cowboy, Dougy Fresh, and Pauly G. get the beers flowing early for this one as they kick things off with one of the Radiothon sponsors, Ben Cannon of Spark Joy Music, and Luke Nelson of Fountain Square Brewery.  Lots going on with Spark Joy this year, and the Pigs will be covering some of their big summer live music events at the Fountain Square Brewery. (Tune in for more info!)
Joy’s House Program Director, Candace Preston, and Program Manager, Corrina Thompson, joined the boys for a brew and some laughs as they told them a little about themselves and what brought them to Joy’s House along with the inside scoop of all the great things Joy’s House does and how and where anyone can donate.  
Luke sits with the boys once again to round out Part One of our show.  He gives some highlights on some of the fine brews being made as well as the path that led him to Fountain Square Brewery.  
The show ends as they get a visit from funny man, The Bier Brewery’s Jerry Connor.  They’ll pick up Part Two of Radiothon show with Jerry and Luke.  Stay Tuned!
And we must thank Indy’s own, The Dead Squirrels, for the use of their upcoming hit tune, What Love Is from their new album.  Where can you get your hands on a copy, you ask?  You can tonight by joining us at Alley’s Alehouse for their album release party.
Shout outs in Part One of Radiothon include:  Evil Czech Brewery and Public House;  Four Day Ray Brewing;  Round Town Brewery;  Scarlet Lane Brewing Company;  93.1 WIBC-FM;  Autumn Androids;  Niko’s Open Stage;  Ryan Michael Gibbons;  Widmer Brothers Brewing;  McMenamins Pubs, Breweries and Historic Hotels;  Hop Cat;  Deschutes Brewery; Jack Barkley; Whoa!Tiger;  and Hop Head Farms