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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 13, 2017

BPC – Episode 84 – Red Remains
With all the bickering and name calling you’d never guess just how tight-knit this band really is.  But there is no shortage of respect for one another and each member brings their unique talents to make Red Remains a driving force. 

Melodie Reffey, Mike Schroll, Shawn Walters, and Matt Burch recently joined the Pigs at Alley’s Alehouse for some drinks and laughs as we got an in-depth look at one of Indy’s freshest bands.

Tune into hear how Matt plays bass with his leg, Mel’s hidden talent, what they’re listening to when not creating their own music, and a discussion about Nickleback. . . yes, you read that correctly. . . freaking Nickleback.

When Mel isn’t laying down vocals for Red Remains, she also manages this beautiful craft bar, right here at Alley’s Alehouse located inside Pinheads Bowling Alley in Fishers, IN.

It a one shop stop for all your pleasures from outdoor volleyball courts, bowing, newly renovated arcade with an adult swing(NO, not that kind of a swing!), live music, open mic night hosted by Nick Wengler, craft beer, and upscale affordable dining.
Mel has some help from Ben Hildebrand who together are bringing in some of the finest craft beers such as the brew highlighted in tonight’s epidose:  Scarlet Lane Chocolate Vanilla Dorian Stout.
Crank up the volume, grab your favorite craft beer, and check out tonight’s show and find out how you can support local music.
You can start by joining us on January 21st, right here at Alley’s Alehouse for the premier of Red Remains along with Seldom Told.  Two great female fronted rock bands and no cover charge, just rock and brews.
See you there.  Cheers!

Shout outs in this episode include:  Among the Compromised; Niko’s Open Stage, Crystal J Soto, Beer School at Alleys, and Fallout Productions