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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 19, 2015

The boys journey to Journeyman Distillery’s 4th Anniversary Party starts with a wonderful bottle of Journeyman’s Silver Cross.
Whether you swear by whiskey, bourbon, or scotch, this will satisfy all your tastes and needs. In this episode we discuss our upcoming trip to celebrate with Journeyman and where to find your own bottles to enjoy (which includes my favorite Irish Pub, Fiddlers Hearth, in South Bend, IN)
We sample beers from Rogue and Boulevard while giving love once again to Upland’s delicious success in a can, Champagne Velvet.
We give a few shout outs to Darrin Snider of Indy-in-Tune (where you can also here us ramble on each week), St. Joe and 3 Floyds Brewery as well as my confession of a failed attempt to open a few bottles of Moosehead beer with my eye socket.
A special thanks to upcoming guest, Memphis Josh Drake and his band, The Prowl, who open this show with one of their killer tracks, "Cold Dead Hands" and take us out with "Heatwave".