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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jun 15, 2017

Our favorite Dead Squirrels, Jim and Donny, stop by Alley's Alehouse to tell the boys about their upcoming, fifth album, SQ1RL5.  Squirrel fans will not be disappointed and will quickly notice the deeper riffs, (with the help new drummer, Rocky Rodriquez) and some of the best song writing to date.  We got sneak peaks of a few tracks from the new album: We start the show with a snippet of U Gotta Lotta Nerve and they take us out at the end with Calabash Joe. 
Not only do these fine gents like to jam, but they also won us over for their love of beer.  They are sponsored by one of the only big boys which works with and not against the craft brew scene, the one and only Pabst Blue Ribbon.  And when they join the boys at the round table, they have no problem digging into some craft beers.  Always a pleasure, Jim and Donny once again helped to provide a night of great conversation, laughter, and a lot of beer drinking. 
So tune into hear more about the work that went into SQ1RL5 and be sure to join us at Alley's Alehouse on June 30th for The Dead Squirrels 5th Album Release Party.

Shout outs in this episode:  Chris Burch; Sam Ash School of Rock; Redemption Alewerks; Nuvo; Great Fermentations of Indiana; Nick Wengler; The Stranger