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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 3, 2021

The Pigs are always eager for Rochester road trips to record with Jessica Shafer of The Native Nook and the Digital Wolf Network.  This time the boys had the pleasure of jumping on Jessica’s podcast, On The Back Burner with her Cohost, John Adams(who may or may not be a pirate) straight from The Native Nook downtown Rochester, Indiana.
Luis and Alissa Troutman Ferro, owners of Uncorked, a craft brew slingin’ and delicious Cuban Beer & Wine Bar, along with homebrewer, Michael A Lushbaugh of the Marshall County Brew Club provided the beer fuel for the afternoon and joined in on the always off the wall, and always fun conversation.  
Crack a brew and tune in for Part One.  And then stay tuned, the second half of the day will be On The Back Burner for a few weeks.  
Shout Outs in this week’s episode include:  Yana Kline;  Hops and Coaster Drops;  Matt Miller;  Taxman;  Four Day Ray Brewing;  Odd Side Ales:  Cigar City Brewing:  Victory Beer
After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate.
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