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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Aug 26, 2016

Dougy Fresh takes the Pigs back to his home in Northern Michigan for the 1st in the Northern Michigan series as the boys take over the airwaves at Goodfellow's Grille on Mackinaw Island. 
This episode also features Beard's Brewery from Petoskey, MI.  They had taken over the taps that evening just one day before their anniversary party at their own taproom the following day when they made the big announcement that they were expanding and moving to a bigger, well known spot in Petoskey.  This was our introduction to Beard's and we were not disappointed.  It was quickly and clearly recognized just why this young brewery was already growing.  J.C. Olmo of Goodfellow's joined the roundtable to tell us all about Goodfellow's and all it has to offer before mixing us some killer cocktails of his own which comes out in part two of this night to be released soon.
We're not sure how Beard's Ben Slocum finds time to brew with everything he has going on, but we are sure glad he does.  He is just one of the team of fine brewers at Beard's putting out some delicious beer.  We struggled to find any fault with everything we sampled that evening.  We were so impressed at one point, we just sat in awe of the lacing still thick on a glass which had been sitting empty for more than 30 minutes.
And as bourbon barrel aged lovers, we were ecstatic to be some of the first to be drinking their newest batch that was not being made available to the public til the following day.  And it was glorious.  It reminded us of another of our favorites out of Indy, Sanitarium, from The Bier Brewery.  Each unique in their own right, but both equally fantastic.  It was a thick, rich, chocolatey, bourbon delight in a glass. 
We had such a good time we are already making plans to go back to the Island for the big Halloween bash hosted by Goodfellow's Grille in October. 
Thank you again, Greg Klinger, for inviting us to this fine establishment where you'll find some of the best food and drinks in Mackinaw.
Shout outs in this one to HopCat, a mutual favorite craft brew place of ours and our new friends
Hail Danza!