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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 20, 2017

It’s back!  The historic live music venue of the mid-seventies, Vegetable Buddies, which featured legendary acts such as Canned Heat and Muddy Waters has been brought back to downtown South Bend, IN.
New owner, Jeff Harrison, wanted to pay homage to those great acts that once graced VB’s stage and bring in some of the best blues and rock bands of today.
The pigs had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff, as well as VB’s mixologist, Steve Alger, and bar manager,  Maggie Czech to hear more about this classic venue’s history and all the new things in store for the future.

Co-hosting on tonight’s episode is our brother from another, Mr. Warren Kluck of The Jason Lee and Kluck Show on 103.9 The Bear, as well as,  Here’s your Freakin’ Podcast.  
VB’s didn’t just bring back great live music, but they are providing some tasty, unique, Cajun inspired cuisine from chef Jeffrey Nawrot and prohibition cocktails thanks to Maggie and Steve, along with some of the finest whiskey and craft beer around.
Things get nostalgic on this episode as we got a little loopy and discussed some of our most memorable concerts, Warren’s nightmare in the octagon, and how MC Hammer made one of Warren’s greatest Xmas memories while parachute pants made one of Dougy Fresh’s worst birthdays ever.

While talking about some of the many upcoming acts coming to VB’s in 2017, we spoke about the possibility of Savoy Brown taking the stage, and before this show was released, it became a reality. 
The legendary Kim Simmons and Savoy Brown will be here on February 28th.   Be sure to get tickets now before they are gone.  (

For a list of all the great live music coming soon go to:

Lots of shout outs tonight including:  Bare Hand Brewery; New Holland Brewing Co.; Indiana Whiskey Company (be sure to come see the Pigs here on Feb. 18th); Perrin Brewing Company;  Arcadian Ales; Davey Knowles; Kofi Baker; Rich Hardesty; Desmond Jones; Monon Beverage Brokers; Evil Czech Brewery and Public House; and Founders Brewing Co.

We had too much fun to only spend an hour with our friends at Vegetable Buddies, so tune into tonight’s part one of two fun episodes.