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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

May 26, 2017

Always the gentleman, Mr. Brian Graham invited the Pigs back to his Four Day Ray Brewing home for an interesting evening of old school, blind beer tasting.
Joining in on the lively evening is local comedian, Jeremy Brown. 
The gang goes back to early pre-craft drinking roots for some blind taste testing of seven commercial beers from pale ales to heavy malts.  Tune in to see which seven beers were put to the Pig test and which one surprised everyone by topping the charts. 
New friends of the show drop by and join in as well as they also celebrate Pig Pen member, Riley M. Wunnenberg's, birthday on this jubilant evening at FDR. 
The conversation goes in many directions between beers as they discuss bas/offensive possible new beer names, Smokey and the Bandit, and Jordan's love for FDR's new Yoga Pants night. 
The show rounds out with updates from Jeremy Brown and where he can be found, and what is fresh on Four Day Ray's taps and upcoming summer fun.  (And remember the FDR Beer Garden is now open!) 
Will be able to catch FDR along with the Pigs at Indy In-Tune's Spring Radiothon going down all day next Saturday (June 3rd) at our home, Alley's Alehouse in Fishers, Indiana.  Come on out for a day of brews and live grooves for a great local charity.