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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jul 14, 2017

We begin Part II of Radiothon 2017 at Alley's Alehouse with a pleasant interruption but always appreciated visit from Mr. Jerry Connor of The Bier Brewery.  Jerry joins the conversation with Fountain Square's Luke Nelson as we dig into craft beer, the woes of canning, and a little cans vs. bottle debate. 
Next up, a few of the greats of the Indy music scene, Mr. Jeff Kelly and Eric Pedigo join to talk about how their scene has been transforming over the recent years, what they are currently up to, as well as an odd Wolf Man Jack impression from Jeff. 
A not-so-sober Dougy Fresh and Pauly G. take the show out with some bizarre banter about allergies and radish aliments.
Thanks again to Mr. Darrin Snider of Indy-In Tune and Benjamin Cannon of Spark Joy Music for inviting us out to participate in this great event.   

Big thanks once again to The Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune, U Gotta Lotta Nerve, from their new album to kick off tonight's episode.  Go to their FB page to find out how you can own your very own copy to hours of listening pleasure.

Be sure to join us tomorrow(Saturday July 15th) at the Fountain Square Brewery Co. as we cover our 2nd all day, craft beer and music festival of this this season, Hops and Hertz, brought to you by Spark Joy Music, Studio Live Indy, Musical Family Tree, and yours truly, The Blind Pig Confessions.  Party starts at 12pm, we'll have cold brew waiting for you all!

Shout outs in this episode:  Sun King Brewing Company;  Bigfoot Yancey;  Melody Inn;  Fleetwood Mac;  Joys House; Whoa!Tiger;  Tied; Chad Mills;  Jeff Byrd;  Four Day Ray Brewing;  Scarlet Lane Brewing Company;  Nick Wengler; and the Jeremy Vogt Band