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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Aug 17, 2017

Part two of our rockin' day at the annual, outdoor, live music and craft beer festival at the Grand Junction Brewing Co. beings with our good buddy Justin of Indiana On Tap, the sponsors of day's festivities.  These guys know how to put on a grand scale show.  We talk a little of what's going on with On Tap, including last Saturday's wildly fun, Jockey Box Hero, which featured one Mr. William Hung . . . and Cowboy.  Big props given in this segment to the guys over at the Moontown Brewing Company who are working diligently in opening their brewery to the public. 
We get to spend some quality time with our boy, Shawn Kessel of Taxman Brewing Company who gives us the squeeze on sweat, blood, and beer.  His wife also announced she is taking inquiries to sell a pretty amazing home brew system(Don't tell Shawn), after the Pigs brew with him first. 
Such a great event put on by the folks of Indiana On Tap and of course the place we always rave about, Grand Junction Brewing Co. We can't wait till next year to do it again.  But don't wait till then to partake of some of the best brews in the state.  Get your butts to Grand Junction today. Tell 'em the Pigs sent ya. 

Shout outs in this episode include:  Brew Link Brewing;  18th Street Brewing;  Nikki Reed;  Josh Springer and Bottoms UP Beer;  The Hatch;  Whitestown Brew Fest 2017;  Mitchell Roelecke of Scarlet Lane Brewing Company; Oaken Barrel Brewing Co.;  and Kammy's Kause 2017 - Come by and see us TONIGHT and party all weekend at Kammy's Kause!