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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 29, 2017

We had the special pleasure of being invited to coved Kammy's Kause this year on it's opening night.  We couldn't have been more humbled being part of this incredibly annual two day live music event for such a great cause. 
We had a blast from moment we stepped into the American Legion park and it just kept getting better as the afternoon and evening flew by, much to quickly.  
Ben Jarvis of Audiodacity has a brew with the boys before going on stage and tells a little about the work they have going on with their upcoming 2nd album.  
The man who can be miserable in any situation(yet has impeccable hygiene), Ryan M. Brewer jumps on board and things go from weird to He Man and Captain Planet talk.  
Of course we had to have the man who put this all together, Mr. Jared Hiner, for his beautiful daughter, Kammy.  We couldn't believe how calm and cool this cat could be with so much going on around us, but he has so much support from family, friends, and musicians in and around Indy, he can now enjoy this amazing event he's built. 
And we round out the show with our new friends from 800lb Gorilla after their amazing set.  They give some backstory on who they are and we talk about their upcoming album, Commander Wax.  They let use a couple of their tunes to kick off and end this episode, so be sure crank it up and join us at their album release party on October 13th at the Fountain Square Brewing Co.  
Lots of great conversation and some great beers were destroyed over the afternoon including some splendid brews from Central State Brewing, Flix Brewhouse(who also sponsored Kammy's Kause), and Taxman Brewing Company.
Tune in!  Cheers!!

Shout outs in this episode include:  Hop Your Face;  18th Street Brewery;  Whoa!Tiger;  Brother O' Brother;  Chris Burch, and Ben Cannon