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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 27, 2017

Event sponsor, Benjamin Cannon, of Spark Joy Music kicks off Part II of this special episode from the Hops & Hertz Festival at the Fountain Square Brewery.  Ben works his way through the details of this incredible, inaugural, live music and craft beer festival dedicated to discovering great city talent, while putting up with a slightly inebriated Cowboy.  
The boys discuss their own recent discoveries in music, where they go to find music today, the Manson Family, and Jack White(the Jamie Jackson of Indy).  
Jeff Kelly joins the round table once again, along with one the best guitar pickers in the city, John Fell, to talk about The Graveyard Shift.  Jeff also tells all you need to know about knitting(maybe too much).
Fountain Square partner, Jeff Gibson, has a brew with the boys to tell all that’s going on and what to look forward to at the brewery.
The day is rounded out nicely with the sweaty clan from Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes after a rousing set on the inside stage.  
A great day of live music and always great beer at Fountain Square Brewery.  The boys can’t wait to cover this fantastic event again next summer.  
Shout outs in this episode include:  Dietrich Jon;  Chris Burch;  Musical Family Tree;  Square Cat Vinyl;  Indy In-Tune and Radiothon;  Mina & The Wondrous Flying Machine;  Kammy’s Kause;  and a special thanks to 800lb Gorilla for the use of their tune, Radboy, from their new album to end today’s show.  Be sure to catch those cats live!