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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Nov 10, 2017

Outside the Green Room, we also did a little recording out in the crowd at the party level.
Greg Jones of Whoa!Tiger jumps on the air to tell us about Tiger news and some of his solo projects as well, as Roberto relives some of his glory days.
And we get up close with one of the city’s best artist, Amanda Keller of Keller Illustrations, and owner-operator of Indy Arty Party.
We were a bit buzzed and energized but had a blast and can’t wait to do it again next summer. A weekend of live music and friends all for such an incredibly cause. It should be a “must go” on everyone’s calendar each summer.
We ended the day of recording as 800lb Gorilla took the main stage so we had to once again end another episode with a tune from their newest album, Commander Wax. Get waxed!

Shout outs in this episode include: Moxxie; Hop your Face; Terry Valde; Veseria; and Villainous