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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Nov 17, 2017

This is a must listen episode right here. We apologize for this one going a little over our normal time, but we became enthralled with being introduced to a new line of adult beverages for us. MEAD! Jordan, Papa Smurf, Griswold and Tex-Mex join the Masterminds of New Day Craft, Tia and Brett at their taproom in Fountain Square. We learn all about mead, how it's made, what it is, and its history. We had the chance to sample several of their most popular meads including Shelby Blue Ribbon, Washington's folly, Lavender Lemonade, The Rethinker (Which is dry hopped with Cascade and Columbus hops), and then some of their Barrel aged line which included their Cult Favorite Imperial Breakfast Magpie (Aged in Angel's Envy Barrels for 14 months). We even tasted some ciders that were quite amazing as well. The Imperial Breakfast Magpie gets released next week on Black Friday at noon. Tune in now to here all about their amazing products, Slushies, how mead can save your genitals, and much more on this episode of Blind Pig Confessions.

Shouts out to Bee Coffee Roasters, Redemption Alewerks, New Holland Brewing Co., Samano's Mexican Food