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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Dec 1, 2017

So the boys journey over to Whitestown to hit Moontown Brewing company. Jordan , Papa Smurf, and Tex Mex are onsite with special guest Dr. John. The Mattingly family welcomes us with open arms and plenty of beer. We FINALLY get to see and learn about this family brewing trio, and their vision for their very impressive Brew House. We talk all about what they have going on and the timeline of their construction of the new Brewhouse. Jordan had the pleasure of stopping in there just a couple days ago and they are ahead of their own predicted schedule. This is a very exciting thing for the Mattingly’s, Moon Town, and hell, the Blind Pigs too.

We sat down and talked about some of their beers including:
Dortmunder, Summer Sunshine, and the William. We reminisce on Jockey Box Hero, Cowboys famous striptease, and William Hung. When is Moontown set to open? Which Pig is one of the Mattingly’s
particular fond of?

Tune into this episode and get the answers to these questions and to learn about one of the biggest up and coming Brew Companies in our area.

Shout Outs to:

Indiana On tap, Jockey box Hero, William Hung, Deviate Brewing, Redemption Alewerks, Dan Gohr, Bier Brewery, Southern Tier, Guardian, Wicks pies, and Metazoa Brewing.