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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 5, 2018

A slightly hung-over group of Pigs (thanks to Eddy’s Sports Pub, Kevin Fertig, and carbombs) settled in for a glorious day of craft beer, wine, and live music from Rock Island and Duke Tumatoe at the 3rd Annual Whitestown Brew Fest, hosted by Indiana On Tap. We can’t thank Sarah Burns enough for the invite to cover this fantastic summer event.
We kick off the day with our great friends from the Moontown Brewing Company who helped us to kick the dust off from the previous night and get revved up for the day.
We had the pleasure to drink and talk to some of the area’s up and coming home brewers throughout the day and ended this segment with Tow Yard.
Such a fun event. We loved meeting the home brewers and getting their perspective on the scene and see the new things they had brewing. Can’t wait till Whitestown Brew Fest 2018! We hope to see you all there!
Special thanks to those hard-working Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune Calabash Joe to take us out on this one. Be sure to go see them live at a pub near you!