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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Feb 17, 2018

So, the boys travel to Pittsburgh to check out the world famous Primanti Brothers.   Well not really Pittsburgh but Noblesville is close.  Hunter, Tex-Mex, Jordan, and Griswold are Joined by FDR’s own Brian and Mitch!   We get to sample some amazing food and drink some great FDR Air Raid beer while we learn all about this awesome Pittsburgh based bar and restaurant.  We get to talk to Logan the manager about the history and inner workings of Primanti Brothers. This episode is full of good information and good laughs.   Tune in to find out about Beer Milkshakes, Sandwiches too big for your mouth, and all-around fun.   

Shout outs to:   FDR, Sun king, daredevil, quaff on, scarlet lane, Beer Army Draft Magazine, and Evil Czech