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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Mar 23, 2018

Let us take you on a journey.  A journey back in time, to the year 1994 when Brendan had flowing lochs and was headbanging to his favorite 70’s metal bands, Pat had brown hair and was wearing his signature shell necklace, and Jordan actually had hair.  Wait!  It’s not the 90s it is Savor Lebanon.   The boys head up north to attend this once a year beer, wine, and food festival.   The DJ this year made us feel nostalgic for our youth as he turned out all the best and worst of the 90’s.  Indiana On Tap again hosts a great festival with great breweries represented.   We get to sit down with Erin Edds the owner/co-founder of Garden Party (crafted cocktails anyone), Allison Zook or Cardinal Spirits joins us to discuss their impressive line of craft spirits and liqueurs.  We had some of their coffee liqueur in a milk stout and it created heaven on earth.  We got to speak to Tell City about their triple boner and the Pour house their impressive tap room down south.   Tune into this episode for some hilarious antics and good-hearted fun.   Should brewing beer be a boy scout merit badge?  What is that burning sensation in Pat’s pants? Why are the guys giggling so much about the Boner?  What happens when 2 drunk guys show up with peach candy necklaces?   All these and many more questions will be answered for you on this episode of Blind Pig Confessions.

Explicit Episode

Shout Outs:  Brewlink, Cardinal Spirits, Bier Brewery, Sun King, Cedar Creek, Metazoa, Tipsy Turvey, Rock Bottom, Tell City, Moontown, Arni’s