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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Apr 27, 2018

Brews Theatre

Enjoy a look back with one from the vault.  Recorded shortly after Super Bowl 50, one of the most boring bowls of all time, an agitated Dougy Fresh, Jordan, and Cowboy talk beer and movies.  Or at least attempted to talk about beer and movies before it turned into a “What grinds my gears” episode and how much they truly hated Super Bowl 50 and just about everything that went along with it.  (They apologize to any Coldplay fans who may be offended in advance.)
Tune in to a rousing show highlighted with some tasty brews from Great Lakes Brewing Co. and Shorts Brewing Co. 
Shout outs this week include:  Jerry and The Bier Brewery;  Dos Ringos;  Otis Gibbs;  Audacity;  and Whitey Morgan  
Special thanks for those fine fellows of The Dead Squirrels for the use of their tune, Calabash Joe, from their fifth album, SQ1RL5.