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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jul 20, 2018

Too Hot to Hook

The Pigs get back to basics with a good ol’ fashioned Home Show for an ode to Wisconsin craft beer.  Hunter, who’s been out on a corner for a few months since sponsorship is a bit low this summer, opens his doors to let the Pigs drink and dine at his pad.  

Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, and Cowboy join Hunter for a rousing afternoon of laughs and some mighty fine Wisconsin brews which featured, New Glarus, MKE, Third Space, 3 Sheeps, Fermentorium, and the heavenly smoky Bacon Bomb from the Brenner Brewing Co.  

The boys were delighted as the afternoon gave way to some really fine brews from the cheese state which brought back the talks to bringing the show on the road to Wisconsin.  

Tune in for the entertainment and then go seek out the brews.



Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Jonathon Mullins;  Dan Gohr;  Darrin Snider of Indy In-Tune;  Noblesville Brewfest;  Mathew Muncy from our new family at the Hopped UP Network;  Barrel Chat; Fountain Square;  Crooked Ewe;  Pink Shots;  Scott Hardwick;  Mob Craft;  Danny Boy Beer Works;  Grand Junction;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Brewlink;  Round Town Brewing;  Sean Patrick Webster;  Aqua Teen Hunger Force; and Music to my Beers


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