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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Nov 6, 2015


Tonight on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions the boys sit down with a great new local band, Dressed In Red at Alley’s Alehouse in Fishers, IN.

These guys are creating quite the ruckus in the music scene before even putting out their first album. But they are putting on some great, must see, live performances that already has the city abuzz. Tune in and meet the band and find out where you can hear them next (hint, big show coming soon right here at Alley’s). A special band consisting of some seasoned players (that’s seasoned, not old, Nick) as well the rookie, (although anyone in these parts were already well aware of her amazing voice), Mel Reffey, who not only sings lead for Dressed In Red, but also manages the fabulous, Alley’s Alehouse. She talks about taming her bandmates and gives us a taste of all Alley’s has to offer. We review Scarlet Lane Brewery’s Vivian Red and their Dorian Stout, which are just a couple from one of the best craft beer selections in the area. Alley’s is a must for the beer and whiskey enthusiast. Sounds like they will be seeing quite a bit of the Blind Pig boys in the future.