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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 21, 2018

A festival of delights was had in South Bend, Indiana when the Pigs had the pleasure of spending a glorious evening filled with friends, conversation, live music, and some of the best craft beer and bourbons around. 

Casey Dvorak, Manager and craft beer expert of the LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern, invited the boys in for drinks and to learn more about the history behind this special place.  Everyone in the city knows The LaSalle Grill is the place in town to go when you want to experience some of the best food and wine in the Midwest.  Some still don’t know about the surprise you’ll find on the third floor waiting to temp your senses.  The LaSalle Tavern has all you need for a great night out on the town from the cozy ambiance to the killer food, a wicked top shelf Whiskey and Scotch selection, live music, and of course, carefully selected craft beer. 

Tune in to hear some of the unique history surrounding LaSalle as the gang enjoys some of the finest craft beer and whiskey finds from Mr. Casey Dvorak.

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Upland Brewing Company;  Bare Hands Brew Granger;  Journeyman Distillery;  Angel’s Envy;  Cigar City Brewing;  Fiddler’s Hearth;  South Bend Brew Werks;  Short’s Brewing;  Brewdog;  Backstep Brewing Company;  The Workshop Brewing Company;  Sarah Buschmann of The Bier Brewery;  Great Lakes Brewing Company;  Greenbush Brewing Co.;  Half Acre Beer Company;  Alain Michel Helfrich of The Crooked Ewe;  Jeremy Nicely;  WhistlePig Whiskey; The Peat Monster from Compass Box Whiskey;  Tapestry Brewing;  New Glarus;  and Burn ‘Em Brewing

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