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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 5, 2018

The Pigs and gals of Pinkshots bring “family friendly” to a new low.  
Be sure to put the kids to bed before tuning into this provocative edition of Confessions.
Sabine and Nicole team up once again with Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, and Paulie G along with friends, Jerry Huener and Sabine’s better half, Mr. Emmit Muckles, for a afternoon of splendid brew fuel from Burn ‘Em Brewing and more inappropriate laughter.  
Lots of birds and bees discussions, Nicole describes being sober drunk, Cowboy delights with some perverted grapefruit tips, and we end with the longest signoff in podcast history.  Too much fun to have to come to an end.  They did keep the party rolling at the home of the Heater afterwards thanks to Mr. Huener.  
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