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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Nov 2, 2018

Sheila Jimenez always throws a fun bash and her Halloween Brew Fest at Tippy’s was no exception. In the depths of Tippy’s cellar, costumed freaks and craft beer lovers mingled in the dark and enjoyed some fines brews, wine, and meads.  
Sheila and her sister Sarah Brewer sat with Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, and Paulie G before the scare fest began and talked brews and nonsense.  
Listen as the gang gushes over Dr. Manahan’s special, spicy pumpkin ale and vent over cheap, fake Anheuser craft beers.  
A big thanks to brother pig, Jordan, for donating the creepy Halloween decorations to help make the night a success.  Can’t wait for an even bigger and better year next Halloween.
Tune in and be sure to get to Tippy’s for some of the best wings and pizza around.
Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  10-56 Brewing;  Dogfish Head Brewery;  BriarScratch Brewing;  People’s Brewing Company;  Upland Brewing Company;  Revolution Brewing;  Kopacetic Beer Factory;  and Adam Lepper of Founders Brewing Co.
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