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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Mar 8, 2019

The pigs head to Bier Brewery north to meet up with Uncle Jerry. We start off with some sexy yet oddly disturbing conversation.  We soon turn our attention to the fantastic lineup of Beers that Darrin the head brewer of Bier has whipped up.  We discuss their brewer again and come to a realization…He is elusive like a big foot, could Darrin really be sasquatch?  Uncle Jerry leads us through their exciting new awards and their new taproom.   This is an amazing place.  Tune in to find out how to get some amazing brews and your oil checked at the same time.  Sarah Burns joins us on this episode and talks Whitestown and Vikings with us.  How do you say Shark Cooter Re?  Well we say Fuggit and tune in to hear more about the delicious beers of Bier including:  John’s Porter, Irish Red Ale, Electric Crystals and of course Fuggit!!

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Sarah Burns, Whitestown Brewfest, Urban Vines,and Moontown Brewing

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