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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

May 31, 2019

One of our favorites festivals and the kick-start to each summer is and will always be Grand Junction Brewing Co.’s Rock the Junction.  Live music and plenty of incredible craft beer from the many local breweries that bring their tasty creations to Westfield each May to raise money which all goes to well deserved charities.  Grand Junction owner and festival founder, Jon Knight kicks off Part One of this year’s annual event with the Pigs.  Tune in to hear about the charities and why they are so close to his heart and more up and coming news from Grand Junction. 
The boys get a little nutty with their good friend Jimmie Boros of  Backstep Brewing Company and R2 explains how he went from rock climbing to headbrewer of Grand Junction.  
As always, the gang had a blast, so pour a brew and turn up the volume and stay tuned for the release of Part 2 of Rock the Junction 2019.  
Shout outs include:  Four Day Ray;  Big Lug;  Taxman;  Primeval;  Pax  Verum Brewing Company;  Tin Man Brewing; Deer Creek Brewery;  and The Bier Brewery
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