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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Nov 27, 2015

This week on Friday Night Blind Pig Confessions we took a field trip to Danny Boy Beer Works in the Village of West Clay.

Our Marketing Director, Mandy Curry, sat in to guest host with the boys for a delightful evening. It was each of ours first trip to Danny’s so we were not sure what to expect. The first thing to hit you is the cool ambiance. Unlike many breweries which typically have a separate space for brewing hidden from the public view, Danny Boy invites its guests into the belly of the brewery. Only a chain link fence separates the crowd from the brewers, so as you enjoying your brew, you can watch and take in the intoxicating aroma while brewers work.

Joining us on the show were Jen Dickman(Media Manager & Event Coordinator), Dustin Brown(Head Brewer), Derrek Herring(Assistant Brewer), and Jason Burkman(Manager).

It will only take a few minutes of this episode to figure out how pleased we all were with the beer starting with their delicious Take Me to “Church” Irish Milk Stout. Tune in to find out the history of Danny Boy and the team, as well as what’s in store, as we make our way through a fantastic flight of brews with highlights on each from Head Brewer, Dustin Brown.