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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 20, 2019

One of our best friends in the business, the doctor of hops, Mr. Sean Manahan invited a couple Pigs to his house of craft beer pleasures, the Kopacetic Beer Factory in Monticello, Indiana for a special evening of drinks and conversation.  
The place was crowded(as always) on the eve of 1st Annual Brews Cruise hosted by Kopacetic on the Madam Carroll on Lake Freeman.  Sixteen breweries will unite for an afternoon of live music on the open seas.  It was awesome to see other brewery friends joining us to pregame the night before at Kopacetic (be sure to check back in for a couple short segments with Crasian, Teays, and Backstep Brewing). 
Tune in to this week’s episode to learn more about Kopacetic and how Sean is helping to grow the craft movement by bringing big beers to small town USA.  You’ll quickly understand why the community has embraced Kopacetic and why you need to get there as soon as you finish listening for some fantastic beers and awesome homestyle atmosphere.  The craft beer will get you there, and you’ll want to come back often to see what Sean has created as well as the great food from The Scoreboard and the many Indiana spirits that make your visit even more memorable.
Shout outs include:  People’s Brewing Company;  Everybody’s Brewing;  Tippy’s;  10-56 Brewing
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