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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

Blind Pigs Pig Out at Alley’s Alehouse.

This show is brought to you by Captain Picard and an Inter-Dimensional Donkey’s Ass. You may have to listen to understand that one. In this episode it only takes Jordan 17 seconds to make a Sci-Fi nerd comment, and that catapults the group into an interesting conversation on all thing’s Sci-Fi. From Star Wars to Star Trek, DC to Marvel, and everywhere in between including the inter-dimensional donkeys’ ass. The boys do stop the Sci-Fi banter for a moment when the Burger parade brings the boys the new Blind Pig Burger created by Chef Larry. It is a burger that will change your life. Jordan, Hunter, Paulie G, Roberto, and Griswold all enjoy some great banter, food, and beers. What makes Griswold get giddy? Why does Pat have a surgeon on retainer? Who put a little wang in it? Take a listen and find out for yourself. Cheers.

Shout outs:  18th Street, 3 Floyds, Old Style, Upland, Kopacetic Beer Factory, Bell’s, Bier Brewery

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