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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 10, 2020

The wait is over.  Primeval Brewing has opened its door to the public . . . and the public has rejoiced.
The boys have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Primeval owners and brewers, Tim Palmer and Nathan Compton, for a few years now from running into each other at craft beer festivals.  They have each jumped on a mic in the past to share their excitement about craft beer and the progress of opening their own place.  Indiana craft beer fans well know the special comradery within the Indiana craft beer business scene, so we don’t take it lightly when we say Tim and Nathan are a couple of the nicest, and most passionate gents in the scene.  We were rooting for them even before we were able to taste their beer. 
But once we had a sample of their, soon to be famous Rauch My World, Rauchbier, it was all over for us.  We knew at that moment something special was brewing in downtown Noblesville.  
Tune in to hear about this classy European-inspired craft brewery inspired by the classic beer styles of Germany, Britain, and Belgium as well Cowboy’s new quest to nitro . . . everything. 
The masses flooded this German style beer hall on opening day and more keep coming as they hear about their tasty brews.  
There is plenty of room and plenty of brew, so stop in today and tell them the Pigs sent ya.
Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Great Fermentations of Indiana;  the one and only Kevin Fertig;  Mike Partin;  Blichmann Engineering;  Alley’s Alehouse;  Backstep Brewing Company;  Ron Smith;  and Barley Island
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