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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Apr 3, 2020

The Pigs attend the 5th annual Pie’s n Pint’s charity beer n pizza fest.

It is always a great time and our own kick off to spring. It is for the Arts for learning charity, so it is all for a great cause to keep the fine arts in our schools. This episode runs a little long but, hey, you have plenty of time right now to sit back relax and listen. We take a tour of the amazing breweries and pizza places that are at the event, along with some fun bantering between the pigs. Paulie G asks for some Hot Honey, Grandma Style after his Tickle Belly while Jordan does his Star Wars Nerd thing. Silent Griswold breaks his mold and speaks his mind, while Dougy Fresh gives us some great humor and gets some good jabs in on the boys.

Shout Outs:  Garfield Brewing, Bier Brewery, Blind Owl, Guggman House, Mash Craft, Circle City Kombucha, Tinker Coffee, The US Pizza Team, DJ Littletown, Moontown, Missing Brick, Brozzini, Donatos and special mentions of Tavour, Taxman, and Indiana City Brewing.


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