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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Aug 14, 2020

Part two of our brew day at the Kopacetic Beer Factory brought friends, Steve Miller of the Hailstorm Brewing Co. and local craft brew aficionado Wayne Horn to join the growing buzz around the table.  
Tune in for more brewology and laughs and don’t miss the release of the mighty DBIPA, 5-Kubed, the boys brewed that day being tapped at One Eyed Jack’s tonight.  
Shout outs include:  Dovetail Brewery;  Binny’s;  Brokerage Brewing Company;  Jonathon Mullens;  People’s Brewing Company; Escape Velocity Brewery;  18th Street Brewery;  Metazoa Brewing Company;  Pipeworks Brewing Company;  Hop Station Craft Bar
After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at   
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