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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 22, 2016

Check in to this rockin' episode as we explore Butt Rock with Dead Squirrels...  I swear that's not just a bad pun.  Our good friends, the boys of The Dead Squirrels, join us this week to rap about the origins of Glam Metal as we enjoy the Bogside Stout from Bier Brewery on stage at our home at Alley's Alehouse.  We dig into the early stages of Nerf Metal, Jim defends his love of Kip Winger, one of the Pigs prays for Alice Cooper, and Donny explains how Vince Neil is contractually too fat to go on with another Motley Crew tour. 

Enjoy the show and come see the Pigs tomorrow night at Alley's Alehouse as The Dead Squirrels rock the stage.