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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Mar 18, 2016

During our recent Nashville trip, we luckily took the time to stop in Cottontown, TN to see what was cooking at the BriarScratch Brewery, and we were damn glad we did.

We sat down with owner and master brewer, Brad Singleton, who introduced us to some fantastic beer and a ton of beer knowledge. This is a guy who is going above and beyond to bring some great tasting brews to the public.

Brad is brewing with science and a keen focus on the local community and our environment. We liked the beer so much, we ended up putting off the last track to Nashville for a day and stayed near the BriarScratch tap room at Prince Street Pizza and Pub in the historic downtown of Gallatin, TN.

A big thanks to Brad and the great statt at Prince Street for hanging out with us and showing a great time. And we apologize if Pat offended anyone. (Kidding Pat, you were lovely.)