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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Apr 15, 2016

What'll you have?
PBR me, ASAP!  
Tonight we pay homage to one of the country's oldest and still finest beers, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  PBR survived and thrived after Prohibition and have recently been creating havoc in the beer sales world.  
We had the pleasure of being joined by PBR's very own Matt Martz as well as the owner of Alley's Alehouse and bowling aficionado, Kevin Walter.  
Pabst has had a unique, yet hugely successful business approach.  Teaming that with their sincere comradery with the growing craft beer society has given them not just success, but the respect of beer enthusiasts around the globe.  
Kevin, being the brilliant business man that he is, has beautifully paired PBR along with the great craft draft beer selection at Alley's along with a delicious menu that keeps beer and food lovers coming back for more and staying longer each time.  
Tune in.  We're sure you'll be surprised at all these two fine companies have to offer and what's in store to come.  
Cheers, and enjoy the show.