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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jul 1, 2016

We always look forward to our talks with Jerry.  Bier Brewery's owner and house comedian, Jerry Connor, always brings good conversation. . . and delicious beer.  Sitting with the Pigs back home at Alley's Alehouse, Jerry does some well deserved gloating from Bier's recent Gold Medal award won at the World Beer Cup which is becoming a standard from this Indy brewery.  
It's not always just fun and games on BPC, and this week we get into some serious discussions. . . about belly naval beer and Dougy's tasty stache.  Although Cowboy was unable to attend this week's round table, Jerry took his abuse out on poor Pat who had to be taught the hidden meaning behind Bier Brewery's Track Bier. 
As usual, we express our love for American craft brews (our despise of Bud) while sipping on some Bier Brewery brews with a number of shout outs on this week's show including our partners over at Great Fermentations, Indianapolis Girl Pint Out, and our good friends down south at BriarScratch Brewing.  Cheers!