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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jul 22, 2016

We thought about taking a departure from our usual slap stick antics for a evening and have a serious conversation about male pattern baldness.
But then local stand-up comedians, Rick Garrett and Jeremy Brown showed up and we said, “Screw it. Here we go again”.

Rick is coming hot off his Nuvo nomination for Best Stand-Up Comedian, and Jeremy was coming hot off the buffet at the Golden Coral.

You’ll hear one the greatest Star Trek jokes and about Rick’s battered up bride and about one of our favorite strip clubs in northern Wisconsin.
Rich and Jeremy tell us some of their stand-up nightmares and why “All Ages” doesn’t always mean “ALL” ages.

We were having too much fun to stop, so tune into part one of Comedy Night at Alley’s and be on the lookout for part two which will be released in a couple weeks.
Some shout outs to other local comedians Jeffrey Lewis Lance and the late Big Jim Leugers.

And a huge thanks to Holly Garrett for being so sweet and patient with us idiots all evening.