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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Aug 19, 2016

If you live in or around Indianapolis, you know the name Sahm, and you know it's synonymous with great food.  But young Eddie Sahm didn't want to stop at just providing great food, he dove into the craft beer scene, found a great brew master, and opened Big Lug Canteen in Nora next to another Sahm's great, Rockstone Pizzeria.  And along with some fantastic Big Lug brews and grub, for the whiskey lovers, they carry some of the finest of Journeyman Distillery. 
You feel like your part of the family when you're at Big Lug's and the crowd had just as much fun on this evening as we did.  
Things get weird as one of the most active local artists and our good friend, Chris Burch, who's tune, The Gate is Broken, can be heard at the end of this episode, just happened to be in the house, so he jumped in to co-host along with passed guest and co-host Roberto Cavazos Jr. 
Lots of great laughs and conversation along with special mentions to brewing collaborators on Big Lug's Stranger in the Alps, Flix Brewhous and to all our friends at The Bier Brewery (why does Jerry come up everywhere we go?).  Hunter makes the ultimate alcohol faux pas in this one, but luckily Big Lug always has lots more fresh brew on hand for these moments.  
Tune in and as always, Cheers!