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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 23, 2016

Whenever one mentions Dragon’s Milk around the Pigs, we tend to get a little excited. 
So when we had the chance to sit with Holly Joy Cole of New Holland Brewery, we were overjoyed. 
Holly joined the boys at the round table at Alley’s Alehouse to talk, not just about the wonder that is Dragon’s Milk, but about all the fantastic brews and spirits that can be found at the brewery or on the shelf at your favorite party store.

She also brought with her a few New Holland brews to sample (Monkey King farmhouse and Full Circle kolsch) while she gave us some of the backstory of New Holland as well as some of the upcoming events such as the Porter’s Perfect Pint which is happening next Saturday, Oct 1st, and the Filthy Pumpkin which going down at Chathum Tap in Fishers on Oct 25th. 
Located near the shores of Lake Michigan in the small but beautiful Dutch city of Holland, Michigan, New Holland Brewing has been a staple in the beer scene since 1996, and they have just opened their new distillery and brewpub in Grand Rapids, Michigan, New Holland Brewing The Knickerbocker.   
Also joining us this week was our good buddy, Benjamin Cannon of Spark Joy Music, who’s episode for Friday Night Confessions releases next Friday, September 30th.  There was also the late, special guest appearance, straight out of the Pig Pen, of Mr. Riley Wunnenberg.   It was a special night to celebrate the birthday of our own, Hunter Blind Pig, with some great beer and laughs.  We can’t wait to do more with Holly and New Holland Brewing in the future.   We’re not certain yet, but we may have coined their new tag line for 2017.  You’ll have to listen and find out what it is. 
Many shout outs in this episode, including Black Acre Brewing Co, Central State Brewing, Jeremy Nicely and Evil Czech Brewery and Public House, Urban Chestnut, and the Fiddler’s Hearth.

(The groovy track behind Nico’s Open Stage commercial you hear on each weekly episode is from that cool Indy band, Whoa!Tiger, who will be playing tomorrow night, September 24th, only at Alley’s Alehouse.)