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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 20, 2016

Due to the length of this episode, we decided to release this as a weekday special. So all you faithful listeners get two episodes this week.
And a special episode it is. We had the pleasure to be selected to cover DigIn~A Taste of Indiana this year and we beat the heat and had an incredible time and made many new friends.
Kolsch and pilsners were the main theme of the day, which were perfect for this hot summer afternoon.
So many great breweries and chefs, and restaurants were showcased we got a bit dizzy trying to get them all on the air.
Tonight’s segments were split between the following guests:
DigIn’s very own, and past guest, Mr, Thom England, Bee Coffee Roasters, One World Catering, Robert Rolfe Feddersen, Justin Miller – owner of Black Acre, Emily Grounds of Deer Creek Brewery, Kelly from 18th Street Brewery, Sean Lewis and Brock, Head Keg Monkey, Hicorse of Flat 12, and Steven Hackney of S’more Mobile which is sooo much more than just your everyday s’mores….think big… think alcohol.
We spent the entire day next to the fine folks from Madison’s being intoxicated by the scent of grilled duck, and just as the day was coming to an end and we finally got Dan Stackpole on the mic… wouldn’t you know it… they killed the power in the park.
So we thought, screw the 15-minute segment, let’s get over to Madison’s for an entire show. So be sure to join us next Tuesday, Oct 25th at Madison’s in Pendleton for a night of brews and fine whiskey.

This event should be a must for every beer enthusiast and foodie out there each summer. Big thanks to Bier Brewery for taking extra good care of us (as they always do) during the event. We love you! And thanks Roberto Cavazos Jr. for stepping out of the Pig Pen to help co-host this incredible event with us.