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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 21, 2016

Talented musicians? Hell yes. But just all around good guys and fun to chill with and have a few brews. Kyle Buck and Aaron Nicely of The Stampede String Band stopped by Alley’s Alehouse to have some beer with the boys and tell ‘em about what’s going on with the band, as well a some Stampede history. They discussed the soon to be released new live album while sipping on Alpine Pilsner from Bier Brewery, which went over well with the group. They switched over to O’Keeffe’s Irish Red from Evil Czech as they got a little Evil/Stampede anecdote.

They talk a little Colts and a lot of Cubs and their hopeful appearance in the upcoming World Series(sorry Aaron) and they relive a couple scorpion burger challenges that did not go well.

Tune in for the convo and then get out to see Stampede live. They will be at Indiana Red barn tomorrow evening (Oct 22nd), returning to Fiddler’s Hearth on 11/22, and the Vogue w/Reverand Peyton on November 23rd.

Thanks to Stampede for letting us use tracks, 5 Rider and 3 Miles to Go to open and close this week’s episode.

Shout outs this week included Fiddlers Hearth(which Dougy, Cowboy, and Pat are actually enjoying some brews and live tunes at tonight), Ben Myers and his scorpion plight, Evil Czech, Adam Cox of Suspended Audio, Blue Mafia, James and the Drifters, and Jerry Connor of Bier Brewery, who if he had his way, would be on every show . . . we’ll keep a chair open for him.