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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 25, 2016

A pre-Halloween special for all our beer and horror fans out there.  

We were joined by friends and horror fans, Warren and Angela Fisher for this frightful evening of booze and fun. 

We discussed some of our favorite, as well as least favorite, horror flicks to date and we find out which horror movie makes Angela tingle. (We imagine Warren has had it on nightly since this recording.) 

Another old Alabama shipmate of Dougy Fresh, Pauly Boy - Paul Murdock, stops by to tell us all about Sodom Maniac and we all agree Blair Witch sucked.  

We were kept on our toes in this one with the help of Taxman default and Upland’s Bad Elmer Porter.  

Special mention to Haynze Whitmore and Eddie Renner and their upcoming horror movie, Crepitus, staring Bill Moseley due to be unleashed in the theaters next fall. 
Tune in Friday night for our 2nd installment of this year’s Halloween Special with  creator and director of Crepitus, Haynze Whitmore.