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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 28, 2016

A crunch, a munch, a jingle, he’ll make your spine a-tingle.
You think the recent clown sightings have been off-putting? Wait till Crepitus is unleashed onto the earth.
On a recent trip to Northern Michigan, we had the pleasure of sitting down with creator and director of the upcoming horror film, Haynze Whitmore.
There was already a lot of buzz around this film prior to casting, but once casting was complete, that buzz turned into a frenzy.
Along with Michigan natives, Mike Hard of Hell, Michigan and Caitlin Williams of Cheboygan, they also snagged the young Raiden Moore known for his roles in
the hit TV adaptation of Stephen King’s Haven as well as the Lizzie Borden Chronicles, staring Christina Ricci.
Playing the part of the deputy, as well as a producer on the film, is model/actor/film producer, Lance Paul of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Lance is also the founder of Ginger Knight Entertainment.
Playing Mother in this nightmare is the young and beautiful, Jackey Hall of Little Rock, Arkansas, known for her work on The Invited, Biohazard: Patient Zero, Walking Dead, and Van Wilder: Freshman Year.
And to round out this already fantastic cast is none other than Mr. Bill Moseley.
We all fell in love with Bill when he broke out onto the scene as the unforgettable Chop Top in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
Recently he’s given us the chilling delight of playing Otis B. Drifwood in the Rob Zombie films House of 1000 Corpses and the Devils Rejects. Soon he will be terrifying audiences as the creepy, killer clown, Crepitus.
When the moon is bright and you can catch a sight of his crooked ol’ Crepitus pout, then you better run fast, cuz he’ll snatch your ass, and eat all your insides out.

Many kudos to Mr. Eddie Renner, who along with his wife Sarah, wrote the screenplay for this film. Longtime friend of our own Dougy Fresh , (both Cheboygan, Michigan natives) Eddie is an incredible artist who provided us with our wonderful cover photo art work and could very well be making the artwork for the Blind Pig Confessions Crepitus Ghost Pepper Stout which will be released in limited addition for this film. You may just have to show up at its premier to get some.
We wish Eddie Renner could have made this show along with Haynze but we couldn’t persuade him to leave sunny Florida to be with us for this one. But we’re sure we will be back with the Crepitus gang again as the filming gets underway.

We had a blast talking horror and drinking brews all afternoon with Haynze. Tune into hear more about Crepitus(and follow up plans) and how you can become part of this soon to be horror classic.

We’d like to thank Alisa Doe-Klinger for hosting this show at the UAW Black Lake (stayed tuned for the upcoming episode with Alisa) and for fueling the show with some of the delicious craft brews available at the Black Lake Golf Club.

Shout outs to Benjamin Slocum and Beard’s Brewery's Holy Diver, Goodfellows Grill, and our friend Steven Welsh, whom you may know better as Captain Smee of Attack of the Show.