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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Nov 25, 2016

We were stoked to finally get into Four Day Ray Brewing.  While we were patiently waiting for this prime venue in Fishers, Indiana to open, we had the pleasure of trying a few of their brews at the Noblesville Brew Festival this Fall and we fell in love with them instantly.  
Tune into tonight's episode as we celebrated National Stout Day as we sat and drank and with owner, Brian Graham, who had over twenty years of home brewing experience before stepping out and opening his own brewery with the help of brewer, Mitch Ackerman, and executive chef, Andrew Miller.  They are taking Fishers by storm with a creative menu and straight forward, full bodied brews that will make any beer lover salivate.  We spent the evening enjoying some fantastic brews while Brian tells the story of FDR and some of its upcoming endeavors and new brews, including their absolutely delicious Imperial Stout which was just tapped a few hours ago to celebrate Black Friday and quench the thirst of the holiday shoppers. 
We formed a great friendship with FDR over some fantastic beers and great conversation.  Look for many more Blind Pig/FDR future shows and celebrations.

Shout outs to Great Lakes Brewing Company, and to still one of the kings of the stouts, Guinness(although Cowboy, unlike the millions of stout lovers out there, sadly and oddly disagrees)