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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Dec 16, 2016

Sean Patrick Webster brought this unique business plan to the table just a short time ago and has already made quite a splash in the alcohol industry and is supporting some of the biggest names in craft beer and spirits. Plus, he's a blast, so he fit right in with the Pigs and it didn't take too long before we derailed into shenanigans in this one. So much fun, we ended up running about an extra 20 minutes for your listening(and our drinking) pleasure. We reviewed some fine beverages tonight such as Arcadia Ales beautiful Barrel Aged Shipwreck Porter, O'Fallon's refreshing Wheach, some delicious rhubarb delight from Moonlight Meadery, and the gloriously smooth corn whiskey from The Indiana Whiskey Company. We talk about the Indiana Whiskey Whisker Competition, but sorry folks, the contest has ended... but Blind Pig, Dougy Fresh did take home a great gift package for being runner up. Congrats to our buddy down south, Mr. Joshua Lakins of the Twisted Crew Brewing Company for taking home the gold in that one and a life supply of whiskey. (We'll be back to visit soon!! Line em' up!)
Sean tells us about some of his humble beginnings into the beer industry, such as the time he spent in the legendary Heorot Pub and Draught House in Muncie, IN. Pat gives us too much detail about a recent physical, and guest co-host, Chris Burch, explains his love for Christmas and all its miracles, and we get a review from Riley of the Pig Pen.

Lots of shout outs in in this episode including, but not limited to:
Guardian Brewery, Taxman Brewery (congrats on soon to be new location), Books and Brews, Copper Still, Scarlet Lane Brewery, Heady Hollow Brewing Company, Bottoms Up(we need to talk), New Day Meadery, B Nektar, West Fork Whiskey Co., and The Dead Squirrels(who can be seen and heard live this Tuesday at our Christmas Charity Event at Alley's Alehouse)