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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Dec 23, 2016

We can’t get enough of these guys… or their delightful brews. We are joined once again this week at Alley’s Alehouse by Holly Joy Cole of New Holland Brewery and Jeremy Nicely of Evil Czech Brewery and Public House.
Returning this week to Co-host is the Grandfather of Indiana beer, Mr. Ron Smith, who gives some insight into Black Lagers, Hops, and Saisons vs. Farmhouse ales.
When we start a show, typically everyone at the table is drinking a different beer until we get into the reviews for the evening. Oddly enough, tonight, we looked around and everyone at the table was sipping on a Taxman Bean Counter, which has quickly become a Pig favorite at Alley’s. But as always, we got to dig into other craft beers as well. And tonight was a treat with two great breweries in the house. Jeremy brought us the Plato 14 Black Lager, and if we didn’t already love him enough for introducing us to the Evil Bigsby, he took it up a notch and brought us some delightful and inspiring Barrel Aged Bigsby. Not to be outdone, Holly brought out the big guns with a little New Holland Dragon’s Milk Vanilla Chia, some Cabin Fever Brown Ale for those chilly winter nights, and then took us over the edge with some wonderfully complex New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon.
Another splendid evening with good friends and great beer and whiskey. Cheers!

Shout outs tonight to: Taxman, Dan Gohr(again…) and Redemption Alewerks, Brewers of Indiana Guild, Tappers Arcade Bar, Twincade and thanks to Indien for the closing song on tonight's episode