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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 6, 2017

Our first encounter with those tasty brews from Grand Junction Brewery was at the 2016 Noblesville Brewfest, and boy were we pleased.
Owner, Jon Knight, knew he didn’t want to mess with fancy, dancy, new fangled brews.  He wanted to get back to the basics and make good clean beers inspired by his rich European heritage the way they did in the past.
So he joined forced with Head Brewer, Shawn Kessel, and went to work and have quickly made the young Grand Junction Brewing Co. one of the most sought after and successful breweries in the state.
We had the pleasure of being invited to a special VIP night to sit with Jon, Sean, and assistant brewer, Mike Hofferman, have a few brews and learn more about this wondrous brewing company nestled in downtown Wesfield.   

As usual, humor quickly ensues as we devour some fantastic GJ brews, the Orange Bird on a Boat Double IPA, Radio Moscow Imperial Stout, and the perfect Imperfect Backside Stout. 
Tune in for the fun and learn more about Jon and Sean’s beginnings into the beer scene and how you can become a member to a special VIP Grand Junction club which has some marvelous benefits.
Not only are they making solid brews, they are giving back to the community who is showing so much support for them.  You could feel and love and cheer in the room coming from the packed house of local VIP members. 
We bellied up to the bar after the show and had a chance to meet some of the local patrons and hear some of their favorite Grand Junctions stories.  It was a difficult place to leave at the end of the night.  We weren’t able to thank them or their patrons enough for such a fun night and we can’t wait to get back there again. 

Lots of shout outs this week including:  Jonathon Mullins and Broad Ripple Brewbub, Chris Knott and Flix Brewhouse, Andrew Castner of Mashcraft Brewing, Anita Johnson and Great Fermentations, The Ram, Chris Bly and Central State Brewing, Dan and Jerry of The Bier Brewery, Brian Graham and Four Day Ray, and of course, Mr. Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks

And a big thanks to Mr. Robert Rolfe Feddersen for letting us use his music to end the show.  The big man with the bigger heart, who, like the Pigs, loves this special Indiana craft beer scene.  Check out his page ( and find out where you can see him live.