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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 27, 2017

Jeremy Nicely of Evil Czech and Holly Cole of New Holland Brewing Company have visited us so often in Indy we kind of feel like family.  
So it was a must to finally travel to Mishawaka, Indiana and visit with Jeremy in his home at Evil Czech Brewery and Public House.  We will be visiting New Holland this summer.
Joining us on co-hosting duties this week is John Bahler of The Stampede String Band.  
We get down and dirty early in this one as we toast the start of the show with a lovely glass of whiskey from Journeyman Distillery which is always available at Evil Czech. 
Lots covered this week from hearing about Jeremy and Holly’s visit to Colorado for the World Cup of Beer 2016, upcoming events and brews, bad jokes, John’s first job shoveling shit, cannibal sandwiches, and Dougy Fresh realizes he was subjected to child exploitation and illegal child labor as a young boy.  Many Evil brews were harmed in the making of this episode including: Luscious Mounds, a coconut, oatmeal milk stout and a delicious Farmhouse Black IPA.  And be on the hunt for another killer beer from the Dragon’s Milk family, the Coconut Rum Dragon’s Milk and Hopronix, the Double IPA made with those beautiful mosaic hops.
We do tend to talk highly of all the Evil Czech brews almost weekly on the show, but you must get to the brewery to not just enjoy the on tap line up, but some really stellar food as well.  
So sit back and enjoy this week’s ride and be on the lookout for the upcoming show with the rest of the boys from The Stampede String Band as we highlight their upcoming show at the newly renovated HiFi in Fountain Square. 
Na zdravie!

Shout Outs this week include:  Vegetable Buddies; Tappers Arcade Bar, Twincade; Jeremy Brown; Fiddlers Hearth; Wild Rose Moon; Twisted Crew Brewing Company; Indiana Whiskey Company; Moxxie; Tracksuit Lyfestile; Otis Gibbs; and People’s Brew